What is UniverseBuild?Edit

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  • UniverseBuild is not hard science fiction. It is most certainly not a space opera-esque collaborative universe, but it isn't hard science fiction either. Consider our 'realism' level to be a few levels below Asimov's Foundation series, as most of our 'fantasy' stuff is science fiction masquerading as fantasy. Overall, while you shouldn't expect to find melee combat because it is apparently 'practical', don't expect to find nitpicking about faster-than-light travel either. Also, humanoids are in UniverseBuild, as humanoids are a perfect form of life when it comes to planets such as Earth if you ask the creator. Word of god.
  • UniverseBuild is a collaborative worldbuilding exercise. With rules, of course. And an administrative board. Because this isn't anarchy.
  • UniverseBuild is somewhere where you can freely create ideas. Considering we have 'communist' (most of which are fascists, nationalists, capitalists, corporatists, libertarians, etc) humanoid space cats, don't be afraid if you want social spiders who are strangely Aztec-like ( is where that idea sprung from, the moment AGrayCat read that he started to lay the groundwork for it). But we already have those social spiders, so don't do that.
  • UniverseBuild is not completely science fiction. Yes, we have space cats, but we will also have telepathic social spiders who have Aztec-esque cultures who haven't even invented the wheel! Why? Because while some spacefaring species exist, this is a collaborative worldbuilding project that accommodates anyone throughout most genres.

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