Many space vessels have carried the name UMV 24th'Novembre over the years. This name has generally been awarded to spaceships commissioned during the various festivities of the celebration of the Chostvan Revolution, and generally to 'exploration vessels' designed to carry scout vessels out into the unknown wilderness of the universe and discover new planets, or go on missions assigned by the Chostvan Soyuz.


The name comes from the date of the Chostvan Revolution, the 24th of Novembre on the Universal Standard Calendar as designed by various groups, which can be translated to the 24th'Novembre in Chostvan Basic using the Universal Standard Alphabet.

It is considered a 'lucky name' by many captains, perhaps not because it holds a certain magic, but instead because the Chostvan Soyuz are quite protective of their ships with such names.

Bulletpoint list of all ships that held (or currently hold) the nameEdit

  • UMV 24th'Novembre (2491-2773) - Served from 2491 to 2773. Found many new nationstates, systems, etc throughout the universe on its various missions. Retired in 2773, sold to the Rhenish Republic. It is still in use today under the name RSV Strasbourg as a major space vessel in the Rhenish Fleet.
  • UMV 24th'Novembre (2798-Present Day) - This space vessel is still in use today. However, it is not an 'exploration vessel', instead serving as a major battleship in the fleet. It is also currently stationed in Opwiq'Wioly as part of various defense plans.

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