The Raiqqip are a species of 'spider-esque' air-breathing arthropods, with a varying number of legs mainly based on place of origin. Different races generally have different coloured bodies, with the Raiqqip!oai the most prevalent race, with around five million Raiqqip!oai spiders currently in existence. The species as a whole has technology around the period of the Human Bronze Age, and they are on the verge of inventing the wheel. They also have basic theology, and are advanced in the field of astronomy. Raiqqip Sacrifice (of those from other tribes) is quite common within the Raiqqip. They inhabit a small 'micro-continent' on the equator of their planet, which is named Raiqqip!ki.

Timeline of the Raiqqip for a full historical overview.


Ecology and BehaviourEdit



Raiqqip and Other Sapient SpeciesEdit

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