“Our thoughts are no longer our own. This machine proves that. We can force lifeforms to go without sleep. We can force lifeforms to go without essential parts of life. We can force lifeforms to relive their worst moments over and over. It is a weapon, you see,”

“It will be a war crime.”

“And? I do not think you should be bothered about the international impact of this device, Pietruszewski.”

“I am not bothered about the international impact. I am worried about the retaliation that shall take place. You have seen what the Federal Republic does! You have seen the genocide in the rightful territory of Israel that the Terrans have occupied!”

“Indeed, Pietruszewski. Do not fear for our safety, or the safety of our people. We are moving out of this base. I do hear the northern colonies are good this time of year, no?”

(Credit to Reevet from the Worldbuilding IRC for the general idea)

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