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A Hyperspace Route is generally a route that can be accessed using a Faster-than-Light Drive, usually powered by Teritoite, although a long time ago Essence was used as well, although Essence was not as powerful. They are also nearly always intragalactic routes, as intergalactic routes are rare, and usually managed by governments and large corporations, with the wormhole kept open permanently (no using wormholes generated by FTL drives that are too weak to power an intergalactic wormhole) and policed heavily. These wormholes are not full-on hyperspace routes due to the fact the wormholes are kept open permanently, and the routes are also usually shared by regular railway (although the absence of rail is perhaps an obvious one, and the fact that they are not really railway services at all outside of the imagination of a certain human who named the services 'railway services') passenger services, while intragalactic passenger services usually use separate routes. Intergalactic wormhole routes are still powered by Teritoite.

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