The Flannan Isles are a group of 'remote' islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The Flannan Isles Space Vessel Centre is based there, as is a NationalRail station used primarily for military transport. There are also military (and civilian) VacTrain tunnels going to various destinations across the entire Autonomous Republic such as Douglas, North Glasgow, North Edinburgh, and other locations.

Known for the most part to the civilian population as the site where the Chostvan Soyuz first brought back live humans for testing in 1900, it is also known to many explorers as a beautiful island where many non-native lifeforms have been brought in to populate the once barren and unpopulated island. There is also a large town on an artificial island a few hundred metres away that has a bridge (and three parallel VacTrain tunnels) to the main space vessel centre, NationalRail station, and underground military VacTrain complex.


The primary component of the population are Humans, although a large amount of Aqq also live on the islands.

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