Feu Serli slammed his hand down on the computer screen once more, causing a beep of disapproval to emit from his Talhol Corporation-built robotic assistant, who whizzed over to Feu and plugged himself into the computer.

“What in the name of An do you think you can do? For An’s sake, I’ve tried everything already! It won’t work! The computer is damn well broken! We are stranded!” shouted Feu. His small one-person craft was completely broken in terms of faster-than-light travel and communications.

“I am sending you into suspended animation, sir, and I am also plotting a course for Chostva, the nearest star system,” came the reply from the robotic assistant, who continued to stick to the computer.

“Suspended animation? Suspended animation, for An’s sake? No!” shouted Feu again, raising his eyebrow in annoyance.

“My current records quite clearly show that sleeping there could be quite uncomfortable, and you would be unoccupied, as I can handle the navigation to Chostva, sir,” replied the robotic assistant, glancing up at Feu.

Feu sighed. “How long will I be in suspended animation for?” asked Feu, looking down at the little robot, who glanced up in response.

“A week, sir,” said the robot. “My records also show that you will have difficulty sleeping, and as such a thing could possibly injure you, I must abide by the guidelines set to me by my creator and therefore send you into suspended animation with your approval or without your approval, sir,” it continued.

“Send me into suspended animation. When we arrive within an hour of Chostva, awaken me,” replied Feu, frowning at the robot.

The robot beeped twice, and pressed another button on the computer, sending Feu on his chair into the cryogenics room. All spacecraft had a cryogenics room, as out in the outer territories it was ten light-years between stars alone, and many more between reliable areas to refuel, restock, and fix your vessel. The robot waved as the door closed, and Feu waved back.

In only three days the Great War would start, and Feu would wake up to hell throughout the known universe.

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