Chostvan Standard is the main (and official) language of the Chostvan Soyuz. Designed as an easy-to-learn and standard language for the entire Chostvan Soyuz in the year 1871, it is still in use today, albeit with various changes, and different dialects on far-flung colonies. It is considered the language that is the 'easiest to learn', and with large amounts of foreign investment in the growing Chostvan economy, this is increasingly useful.

It is famous partially because of the use of the glottal stop in place names instead of everyday words or names most of the time. While there are exceptions (Ande'r-Milyu), there aren't very many names or words that use glottal stops. The name 'Ande'r-Milyu' can perhaps be best explained by the fact Ande'r is an actual place in the Chostvan Soyuz. Not all place names use glottal stops however, as Chostva is a fairly decent example of a place name without a glottal stop.

Glottal stops are also used as hyphens, such as 'Opwiq-Wioly', which can be roughly translated to 'Capital-City'.


On the 15th of December 1871 (in the Chostvan Soyuz the 15th'Decembre) the Chostvan Standard Planning Committee first met on the orders of Mehswh Kukrysrar and other prominent revolutionaries. Various linguists, philosophers, scientists, engineers, and politicians were there to discuss the design of the new language, and by the 24th of December (24th'Decembre), the Committee had decided on a basic design for the language, with nearly everyone at the meeting providing some input into the design.

It continued to meet every month in order to design the language. The monthly meetings however took up to a week to complete, and over time the Committee permanently took residence in Opwiq'Wioly, with various notes and plans being passed around all the time. It was eventually introduced as the official language of the Chostvan Soyuz on the 3rd of December 1873 (3rd'Decembre) after nearly two years of work.

Over time new words, phrases, sentences, and even dialects were added to the language as it grew and grew.


Chostvan Standard uses the Universal Standard Alphabet for the alphabet.

Examples of PhrasesEdit

Instead of saying 'Tomorrow I am going to study', for example, you would say 'Tomorrow I study'. While this is slightly confusing to some, it is considered quite pragmatic by the Chostvan Soyuz, as it cuts away unnecessary words from phrases and sentences. Of course, this conversation would take place using Chostvan Standard, not Human Standard.

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