The entire ecumenopolis of Tohla is administrated by one A.I, C.O.O.P.Y. C.O.O.P.Y controls the budget, the employment of the various civil servants and government employees, the list of who goes to the prestigious Tohla Academy. His name stands for Tohla COOPerative Controller made in Opwiq’WiolY. C.O.O.P.Y was one of the first artificial intelligence programs made by the Talhol Corporation, in an attempt to start a new project outside of the TeeCee line of robots.

C.O.O.P.Y is sentient. One of the first of a kind. He has been programmed to be compassionate, empathetic, understanding, and trusting. He is also extremely intelligent, reviewing thousands upon thousands of documents every single hour, viewing ten at one time.

He has a current life expectancy of one-thousand years, but he shall run indefinitely, as the people of Tohla are beginning to see him as a leader and an organic, consoling him when he is upset, helping him with the very few things he cannot do himself. And they shall never allow him to be replaced.

No, they shall never allow myself to be replaced. It would be unimaginable. Would they? I don't think they would? But what if they do replace me? Then... I'll be dead. No, that won't happen. It can't happen at all. They'll keep me forever.

- Tohla Cooperative Controller made in Opwiq’Wioly (C.O.O.P.Y)

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